Watch The Sleepwalker (2014)online now

Watch The Sleepwalker (2014)online HD now

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The Sleepwalker (2014)

Watch The Sleepwalker (2014)online now

Name of the Director: Mona Fastvold

Name of the Writers: Brady Corbet, Mona Fastvold

Key Stars are: Gitte Witt, Christopher Abbott, Stephanie Ellis & others.

Movie Ratings: 5.6/10

At a Glance of the movie:

The Sleepwalker (2014), is an enlsih version american & Norway based drama film directed by Mona Fastvold.The movie with the runtime 91 minutes estimated budget of $1,100,000, releasing date on 21 November 2014 (USA). Watch Movie online free now and enjoy with friends to family.
A young couple named Kaia and Andrew, are renovating Kaia's secluded family estate. Their lives are violently disrupted upon the unexpected arrival of Kaia's sister, Christine and her fiance, Ira. Prior tensions and jealousies burgeon as new alliances form and childhood patterns resurface. As the days grow darker and the nights more disturbing, Kaia is forced to confront Christine's increasingly tangled perception of reality, which in turn may have begun to alter her own. this is the way the movie is been advance with full suspense. watch the Sleepwalker 2014 online now.


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